Why Microliving Is One Of The Best Places To Live In Zurich

As it has always been, forms of living reflect the social and cultural state of societies as a whole, adapting themselves to people and their lifestyle.

And, what we’re going to talk about today, is no less than a contemporary lifestyle that reflects our society’s changes: micro-living!

Let’s discover more about it and why it’s one of the best places to live in Zurich!


What does micro-living mean?

Micro-living apartments generally have an area of around 30 square meters that provides everything necessary for independent living, being the most flexible, cost-effective, and technological type of accommodation for both workers and students.

For Millennials, living is no longer just a matter of prestige: they would rather spend their money on leisure activities in Zurich or travelling, and micro-living is the perfect answer to this trend!


4 main pros of micro-living in Zurich:

1. It makes you re-think living

This type of accommodation will make you re-think livingin the 21st century, in fact, we are smarter than ever. Our work, passions, and life choices lead us to optimize our resources of space and timing, and the answer to this social revolution is micro-living, which is able to:

· Meet the demand of centrality;

· Never turn into multi-yearly contracts;

· Ensure flexibility.

A good example of this? CityPop, which perfectly demonstrates how the future belongs to those who live smart!


2. It matches a modern and smart lifestyle

Today’s lifestyle is characterized by individualization.

People’s confidence in themselves has increased and living alone is a phenomenon that’s being embraced by more and more people.

That’s why micro-living is the perfect solution: in fact, it matches the standards of a 4-star hotel but offers also the opportunity to live smartly in a fully furnished and equipped apartment gifted with all the facilities, booking any on-demand services with just a few clicks!

Why Microliving Is One Of The Best Places To Live In Zurich

3. It can suit everyone

Another pivotal advantage of micro-living is that it can suit everyone, from young students to workers and single people, allowing them to meet other neighbors with whom they can share the same interests and lifestyle.

In other words, micro-living offers you the simplest way to start socializing with people akin to you as soon as you move to Zurich: CityPop tribe is a nice example of this, because it makes you be not just a resident, but part of a community made by like-minded individuals sharing one roof!


4. It ensures flexibility and freedom of movement

Micro-living is an urban concept that’s always perfectly connected to public transport and located in the city center, allowing plenty of freedom of movement to enjoy the international and lively atmosphere of Zurich!

Moreover, as above-mentioned, you’ll have the opportunity to go away and change house in a few clicks, without losing time with complicated contracts.

Would you like to learn more about micro-living? If so, keep following our blog, where you can find also the best tips about living and working in Zurich!

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