How Serviced Apartments In Zurich Can Make Your Life Easier

How Serviced Apartments In Zurich Can Make Your Life Easier

As we’ve already seen, living and settling in Zurich can be really easy, but looking for a flexible and comfortable accommodation isn’t always so simple.

That’s why today we wanna show you a really valuable solutionserviced apartments.

Never heard about them before? If so, let’s discover why you should care!


What’s a serviced apartment?

The concept is quite simple: the home as a service!

Serviced living is an innovative concept, based on the idea of outsourcing housework and sharing infrastructure: a trend that is taking more and more place in the city of Zurich.

Those apartments are characterized by a minimum stay of one month, but they’re rather a rental apartment with supplementary services than a hotel-like environment! That’s why those flexible temporary accommodations are the perfect solution for business travelers and those who are gonna move to Zurich.


The 4 main benefits of living in a serviced apartment


 1. As easy as booking a hotel room

Serviced apartments bridge the gap between a conventional city apartment and a hotel room.

In fact, the most innovative providers, like City Pop, make it possible to rent them by using an app, through a process that’s as simple as booking a hotel room, revolutionizing the traditional relationship between renting flexibility, durability and cost!


 2. Affordability, flexibility, and practicality

Those apartments have the same affordability of any other traditional accommodation, but – thanks to digitalization – all administrative aspects, offered services, and payments can be managed centrally within an app, online, and by credit card.

Moreover, they can be monthly or weekly rented by offering you a really flexible contract!


 3. Centrally located

They are always centrally placed and perfectly connected with the public transportation, which is another key to their success!

Just consider that Zurich alone had 2.400 serviced apartments in 2016: it’s no surprise if they are mainly located in the city center, in the districts 1, 3, 4 and 8, as well as in Hirslanden, Wiedikon, and Unterstrass.


 4. Fully furnished with exceptional amenities included

Last but not least, a serviced apartment is fully furnished, professionally operated and marketed, offering a variety of services that’d make you experience a home-like environment with the comfort of a hotel’s utilities.

Still wondering why it’d be better than a hotel? Simple: because a serviced apartment provides more space, convenience, privacy, and several specific amenities!

So, some services may surely be:

  • Room service, free Wi-Fi and TV;
  • Housekeeping, including towel replacement, making of bed, and cleaning;
  • Laundry room and rec room;
  • Private cooking facilities and a full-size kitchen;
  • In-apartment dishwasher, washing machine, and dryers;
  • Access to gyms, restaurants, meeting spaces, and concierges.

Interested in knowing more about serviced apartments and micro-living? Keep following our blog to stay updated and find out the best tips to live or work in Zurich!

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