Zurich: One Of The Best Cities To Live And Work

Zurich: One Of The Best Cities To Live And Work

Switzerland: not just the heart of Europe, but a mixture of wellness and multiculturalism.

A country where citizens don't share the same linguistic and ethnic identity but are linked by common values, history, and a federal system based on direct democracy.

That’s why, if you’ve ever wanted to live in a place where you can realize your professional and individual dreams, Zurich can be exactly what you’ve always looked for!


5 main reasons to live in Zurich


1. Settling in has never been so immediate

Zurich is a city that adapts itself to its citizens’ flexible lifestyle, characterized by a pop soul that’s suited to young adults who are looking for exciting social and work experiences.

Some pieces of advice to start off? Here they are:

  • Participate in expat groups both offline and online;
  • Check out the Zurich Tourism guides and the Hello Switzerland Events page to be always updated about what’s going on;
  • Check for regular events and meetups.


2. The middle ground between a city and a locus amoenus

We all know how the frenzy of a big city can be thrilling and exciting at first, but after some time you begin experiencing the downsides of such a chaotic place.

Indeed, Zurich is relatively small and everything speaks of wealth: it is sprinkled with tidy gardens, parks and lake activities, as well as cycling lanes and thousands of bikes, which reflect a high life-quality and make the city stand out among others!


3. Assured freedom of movement

Another aspect that makes Zurich being so special is surely its efficient, reliable, and time-saving transport system: day or monthly passes, and annual travel cards are all available, and you can find any related info on ZVV.

Yet, the option that’s surely the most suited to you – if you’re aiming at a flexible and temporary option – is The Zurich Card, which includes:

  • Unlimited 2nd class travel by tram, bus, train, boat;
  • Short boat trips and Limmat river cruise;
  • Reduced admission to several cultural venues.


4. A city where there’s always something going on

As the largest city in Switzerland, Zurich is where it’s all happening, and where you’ll find a large range of activities: theatres, museums, galleries, live music, restaurants, sports, and much more!


5. A valuable boost for your career

Why choose to work in Zurich can change your career? Simple, thanks to:

  • An economic stability and a low taxation, with an unemployment rate of just 3%;
  • Values like professional growth, flexibility, work/life balance, entrepreneurship;
  • The presence of multinational companies from all over the world;
  • Promotion and networking opportunities;
  • Possibility to enhance your language and cultural skills.

The result? You will acquire a diverse set of skills and experience, in a unique city that you’ll surely fall in love with!

Ready to try out the international and lively atmosphere of Zurich? Keep following us to discover more about working and moving to Zurich!

Planning to move to Zurich but still looking for a flexible and comfortable accommodation? 

The Best Things To Do If You Live In Zurich

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