Living in Lausanne: what are the costs and how to save money

Living in Lausanne: what are the costs and how to save money

The Swiss high cost of living is well known, and Lausanne is no exception. 

Yet, if you’re going to move to this beautiful city, you should know that there are several ways to save money in Switzerland

Let’s discover them together! 


The main costs – and money-saving tips – when living in Lausanne 


1. Accommodation 

Firstly, a monthly rent for an 85 m² furnished apartment in Lausanne can range from CHF 1,968 to 2,497, while charges and utilities (heating, gas, Internet, electricity) are usually added to the monthly rent and can average at CHF 230. 

Yet, in order to save some money, you can opt for a smart, furnished apartment with all expenses and some on-demand services included, like City Pop’s solutions


2. Public transport 

On top of that, Switzerland offers a reliable and efficient public transport system that would allow you to save a lot of money, thanks to: 

  • The Lausanne Transport Card, available for hotels’ guests to get access to public transport for free; 

  • The Mobilis subscription for train, bus, and subway, whose monthly ticket ranges from CHF 66 to 462, while the annual one costs from CHF 660 to 4620 – each according to the class and number of zones; 

  • The TL tickets, to get access to the Mobilis network in Lausanne and the canton of Vaud, with monthly fees from CHF 74 for the 2-zone subscription to CHF 137 for the 4-zone one, and annual tickets that range from CHF 740 to 1370; 

  • The mobile car sharing options, which offer subscriptions that suit every driving need, as the annual one at CHF 129 per year. 


3. Food and restaurants 

Then, buying groceries in Switzerland is more expensive than in other European countries: in Lausanne, a coffee can cost CHF 4/5, and a lunch goes from CHF 22 to 100

Yet, you can save some money by: 

  • Eating in restaurants that offer fixed-price menus; 

  • Buying products that are almost expiring, since Swiss supermarkets offer up to a 25/50% discount on them; 

  • Joining supermarkets’ customer loyalty programs, such as the Migros Cumulus Card and the Coop Supercard

  • Looking for store magazines’ coupons, like the Coop Zeitung, on local newspapers or online; 

  • Opting for tap water, as it’s drinkable; 

  • Shopping at farm stalls, which sell fresh products directly to the customers at lower prices. 


4. Spare time and hobbies 

Last but not least, watching a movie can cost around CHF 20, a theater ticket about CHF 66, while a gym membership ranges from CHF 92 to 400 per month. 

Nevertheless, you may also enjoy several free activities in Lausanne, such as: 

  • Visiting Mon-Repos Park: a green oasis that houses a neo-Gothic tower, a waterfall, and a lovely meeting place called ‘La Folie Voltaire’; 

  • Reaching the Sauvabelin Tower: built entirely from wood in 2003, you may climb it for free all year round and enjoy a 360-degree view over Lake Geneva and the Alps; 

  • Marveling at the Lausanne Cathedral: visible from the whole town, it’s the largest gothic-style monument in Switzerland and you can visit it for free all year round; 

  • Accessing museums for free every first Saturday of the month: the city offers 15 museums where you can discover unique pieces of art for free, once a month; 

  • Discover the city while taking some exercise: you can also explore the city while going for your daily run, thanks to Urbirun app’s tours of the downtown area and the lakeside; 

  • Traveling around the Country: finally, you can join several free tours of different Swiss cities to visit their nature attractions, museums, and monuments, such as the Swiss Parliament House or the Rhine Falls

Would you like to discover more about living and working in Lausanne? Keep following our blog to stay updated and find out the best tips you need to know before and after moving to this stunning city! 

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