Discover the City Pop App and what it can do for you

Discover the City Pop App and what it can do for you

We’ve already seen how serviced apartments can improve your life in a new city, both in terms of socialization and time management. 

Yet, having different services at hand isn’t always enough to make your life easy, above all if they’re not supported by technology: that’s exactly why we’ve developed the City Pop app, and today we’re going to show you its features in detail! 


City Pop App: Smart Pop for a Smart Day 

As above-mentioned, opting for a smart living experience means benefiting from the most intuitive and user-friendly technology, even when it comes to the day-to-day stuff, as opening your apartment’s door! 

That’s the core concept of City Pop, our innovative and future-proof life concept, also based on our efficient app, developed after testing a beta version and collecting several precious feedbacks. 

The City Pop App, in fact, offers the most manageable services – at affordable prices – to simplify your everyday life! 


Living smart with the City Pop App’s features 

1. Log in to your Pop – and house!  

Forget the bother of constantly losing your keys: with our app, you’ll open your apartment’s door with a simple button that gives you access to your Pop, common areas, and other building’s spaces. 

The smartphone will become your new smart keys, on site or remotely! 


2. Manage your bookings 

On top of that, booking and managing your reservations, as well as any on-demand services, has never been so easy! 

With the City Pop app, you’ll have all your reservations in one place, and the booking process will be truly intuitive, including the possibility to plan a visit to the apartment autonomously and in a click. 

To sum up, choose the apartment you like, book your stay, and pay for it: all in one place! 


3. Take advantage of the on-demand services 

Then, one of the other features we’re so proud to provide is the opportunity to simply explore and book a truly fascinating network of services, directly in your Pop! 

Thanks to the app, in fact, you can book several services aimed at making your everyday life easier, such as: 

  • Laundry and cleaning; 

  • Car and bike sharing; 

  • Flexible storage; 

  • Food delivery and private minimarket; 

  • Co-working spaces; 

  • Courier deliveries; 

  • Wi-Fi network; 

  • Private parking; 


4. Keep track of your expenses 

What’s more, you won’t just pay for your staying and services, but also have a clear and helpful overview on your consumption and recurring expenses

So, all your payments can be easily done through your credit card, while you can keep track of them in one place, in a safe and simple way! 


5. Get support 

A further great feature of our app is the possibility to submit any support requests.  

In case you’d need our help with a service, furniture, device, or payment issue, you’ll never be alone: we’re here to help you enjoy the best living experience


6. Receive meaningful notifications 

Besides, the City Pop app sends you the most important notifications and tips that help you improve your staying through specific pieces of advice, as well as make you feel part of the City Pop Tribe, by staying updated on our unmissable events


7. Easily visit the apartments 

Last but not least, from January 2021 – thanks to the release of our app’s 2.0 version – you can benefit from a new incredible feature: you’ll be able to choose a specific apartment and a 20-minute time slot, during which you can visit it autonomously and see the furnishings with your own eyes. 

Would you like to learn more about City Pop’s solutions and micro-living? If so, keep following our blog, where you can find also the best tips about living in Zurich and Lugano. 

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