Is Microliving a way of life? How can it be a plus in Zurich?

Is Microliving a way of life? How can it be a plus in Zurich?

Micro is the dimension of the future: fewer square meters but equipped with every comfort and designed to the smallest detail. 

But microliving is far more than this: it’s a modern lifestyle that reflects the youth generations’ need to have a flexible and technological life, above all when moving to a modern city like Zurich. 

So, let’s see how microliving can be a plus when starting your new life in this beautiful place! 


Microliving: an innovative lifestyle trend 

The current shortage of living space is not unique to big cities such as New York or London: in fact, also Zurich suffers from a limited supply of apartments and that’s one of the reasons why microliving is the trend of the moment. 

But mostly, microliving suggests living smart: it takes into account an individual’s health and happiness, allowing you to have access to several services that a common house generally doesn’t offer. 


What does microliving and Zurich have in common? 

1. A pop and eco-friendly soul 

Zurich is a future-oriented, dynamic and eco-friendly city that adapts itself to its citizens’ flexible and eco-friendly lifestyle, characterized by a pop soul that’s suited to young adults who are looking for exciting experiences. 

Microliving perfectly matches this smart and green capability to make of living a highly personalized experience, letting you have access to the city’s life in a few clicks!


2. Shift of mind 

The youth generation would sacrifice certain things for others, for instance space in order to have more freedom of movement and technology at hand. 

That’s why microliving requires a shift of mind: it represents an increased flexibility of living, a high degree of mobility, and a totally new concept onto the market, characterized by a smart use of space that insures sustainability. 


3. Sense of community 

Microliving represents also a smart form of social housing suited to young employed people or students, who would sacrifice private space for more shared space if it means better quality of life, greater affordability and a sense of community, mostly if they’re in Zurich for the first time! 

Zurich is a welcoming city, but it’d be surely better to have some neighbors to share your adventure with: in this regard, City Pop Tribe is a nice example of how microliving fits Zurich – namely, a dynamic and flexible community, orientated on what is really relevant to you. 


4. Centrality and flexibility 

Finally, those small fully-furnished apartments are extremely popular also due to their central location: in fact, living their own lifestyle for Millennials means also finding some time to themselves in a hectic city where everyone is after a goal, and being centrally located surely helps. 

What does this mean in Zurich? That you’d benefit from an efficient and reliable transport system, and have the opportunity to easily travel! 

Would you like to learn more about furnished apartments and micro-living? If so, keep following our blog, where you can find also the best tips about living and working in Zurich! 

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