A Future-Oriented City: Why To Choose Zurich To Work Or Study

A Future-Oriented City: Why To Choose Zurich To Work Or Study

As we’ve already seenSwitzerland is one of the most competitive economies in the world.

It’s been considered a leading innovation hub in terms of research and patent applications, as well as being the number one in the INSEAD Global Innovation Index, thanks to its cutting-edge tech sectors and talent attraction.

So, if you’re looking for a future-oriented city where to study or work, let’s discover together why Zurich will work for you!


4 reasons why Zurich it’s so innovation-friendly


 1. A dynamic and cutting-edge environment

Innovation in Zurich is strengthened by the high density of well-connected universities and research institutes, and fostered by the close cooperation between those institutes and the private sector.

What’s more, according to the World University Ranking 2018, ETH Zurich is the best university in continental Europe and can boast research laboratories jointly operated with world-wide companies, such as:

  • Google, for machine learning and artificial intelligence;
  • Disney Research, for computer graphics, video manipulation and 3D;
  • Microsoft, for mixed reality and AI.


 2. It’s among the world’s best student cities

Zurich has been ranked among the ten best student cities in the world, taking the 8th place in the most recent version of the QS Best Student Cities Ranking!

Moreover, the city ranks really high in the students’ desirability category, thanks to its high standard of living and cheaper tuition fees compared to other cities in Europe.


 3. A business-friendly atmosphere

As you might have guessed, Zurich has a competitive edge that makes it be faster and more flexible in adapting to new services or technologies.

Working in Zurich means having on hand a huge amount of job opportunities at many renowned companies that chose the city because of its:

  • Economic, financial, and political stability;
  • Rich ecosystems in various tech sectors;
  • Easy access to highly qualified specialists;
  • Great business opportunities;
  • Excellent accessibility and infrastructure;
  • Attractive tax system and flexible labor laws.

So, the above-mentioned reasons are just a few ones why Zurich can give a boost to your career, whatever the sector you work in!

A Future-Oriented City: Why To Choose Zurich To Work Or Study

4. Opportunities in the future-oriented fields

If you want to study or work in a future-oriented scientific sector, you should know that Zurich is a global leader in fields like:

  • Drone technology;
  • Business environment;
  • Robotics and med-tech;
  • Cyber security and intelligent systems.

As already said, this is possible thanks to the close ties between the industry, world-class universities and innovation-friendly authorities, which drive innovation and attract leading technology firms or talents.

Do you want to join this hub of robotics and cutting-edge technology? If so, just move to Zurich, the most innovation-oriented city of Europe!

Would you like to learn more about living and working in Zurich? If so, keep following our blog, where you can find the best tips to easily settle in this stunning city!

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