Living And Working In Zurich: How To Make The Most Of Your Experience

We’ve already mentioned how living and working in Zurich can be a life-changing experience, as well as showing you the best things you may do once living in the city.

But what about making the most of this stunning experience?

Let’s discover some further tips!

First and foremost, feel welcomed!

You should know that the city of Zurich invites new arrivals to a welcome event at City Hall (Stadthaus), which includes a city tour.

That’s a great occasion to be offered practical advice about everyday life in Zurich, and the program includes:

  • Word of welcome by the Integration Office and some general information;
  • A city walking tour, split up into different language groups;
  • Drinks and get together in the city hall.


Three tips to get the most out of Zurich


 1. Be always digital

Being digital, as we’ve already seen, would allow you to be always up-to-date with the city news and events.

What’s more, the Internet access in Zurich is cutting-edge, thanks to an ultra-speed glass fibre network, while public and free-of-charge WLAN hotspots can be found at any public transport interconnections or in many bars and cafés.

It’d afford you to easily check any leisure activities on several websites like:

 2. Don’t forget to travel

Being located in the heart of Europe, Zurich allows you to visit France, Austria, Germany, or Italy with only a few hours train ride: so, don’t miss the opportunity to travel as much as you can, discovering new people and cultures!

Some tips? Here they are:

  • Purchase a half-fare travel card: that’s a popular season ticket of the Swiss Federal Railways, which would entitle you to travel for half price on most means of public transport;
  • Organize your travels during the public holidays, which are:
    • New Year and Berchtold’s Day: 1st and 2nd of January;
    • Good Friday and Easter Day;
    • Ascension Day: in May;
    • Whit Monday: in June;
    • National Day: 1st of August;
    • Christmas Eve/Day;
    • Boxing Day: 26th of December.
  • Be aware of the Swiss statutory vacation: by law, as an employee you’re entitled for a minimum of 20 workdays per year.


 3. Shed the tourist eye

Last but not least, start seeing your new city as your home, not just a destination!

Forget about foreign food, socializing just with people that speak your own language, and doing only touristy experiences.

As we’ve already suggested you, take part of a German class, watch the local television and read newspapers, feel part of the new culture you’re living in and deal with the language gap.

Moreover, knowing the so-called “helvetisms”, the linguistic particularities typical for Swiss-German, will help you both settle in to your new job and meet local people, by making the most of this exciting experience!

Want to discover more about living and working in Zurich? Keep following our blog to stay updated and find out the best tips you need to know before and after moving to this stunning city!

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