Expats In Zurich: How To Meet New People

Expats In Zurich: How To Meet New People

As we’ve already seen, Zurich is a lively city that never sleeps!

The issue is that, at the beginning, you probably cannot enjoy the city with a friend, because you haven’t anyone to call yet. Of course, you can go out on your own to discover the new city and it can be great for a while, but it’ll get a little bit lonely as the days go by.

Making friends in a new city or country is no easy task, and takes some time and patience, but – once you manage to get along with the local people – your Swiss friends will most likely be your best friends for life!


4 ways to rock your social life in Zurich


1. Keep up with expats and meet-up groups

Both the Internet and the local meetups offer many options for connecting with other expats seeking company and things to do, so you may:


2. Give a try to a German class

We’ve already seen why overcoming the language barrier should be a priority to you, and it’s more than true when it comes to making new local friends!

The best ways to socialize while learning German? Here they are:


3. Experience volunteering 

If you have some extra time, you can use it to help others and meet people at the same time. Some interesting volunteering opportunities in Zurich may come from those associations:


4. Join a club or after-work activity

Last but not least, you should know that more than 42% of Swiss adults are active members in a club.

From sports, music to cooking, clubs are a great way to know people who have your same interests, and in Zurich there are also many English-speaking clubs, as well as after-work activities.

A quick tip? Give a try to the Klubschule Migros, which offers various activities at reasonable prices!

Ready to start your new life in Zurich and make new friends? Now you have some interesting clues of how you might meet local people and expats in the city, but don’t miss the occasion to discover our blog’s tips about moving to Zurich!

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