Spring in Zurich: fun outdoor activities

Spring in Zurich: fun outdoor activities

The spring season is a real rebirth for the city of Zurich, which sees every garden-terrace, market, and hiking path coming to live again. 

That’s why, today, we’re going to discover the best outdoor activities you can experience in this marvelous citygoing from the green spaces to the hiking opportunities! 


Top spring activities to do in Zurich 


1. Visiting the Botanical Gardens 

First and foremost, spring is the ideal season to visit the Botanical Gardens, namely: 

  • The Old Botanical Garden, a stunning oasis at the heart of the downtown, which dates back to 1837 and houses several enchanting old trees, the medieval “Gessner Garden”, and the Palm house – used for concerts and exhibitions; 

  • The New Botanical Garden of the University of Zurich, a tropical and Mediterranean paradise, with its 8,000 different plants and relaxing atmosphere. 


2. Enjoying the Zurich Zoo 

Moreover, we can’t but suggest you enjoy the 90-year-old Zurich Zoo! 

Located on the Zürichberg, it houses about 4,000 animals and 380 different species, offering wonderful attractions like: 

  • The Lewa Savannah, with its rhinos, Grevy’s zebras, and giraffes; 

  • The Masoala Rainforest, which houses several rainforest animals like parrots, geckos, turtles, and snakes; 

  • The Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park, home of eight Asian elephants; 

  • The Pantanal, an exhibit where several mammals and birds enjoy the South American climate. 


3. Going for a picnic at the Chinese Garden 

What’s more, having a picnic at the Chinese Garden is another perfect way to spend a lovely spring day. 

This temple garden, in fact, was a gift from the Chinese town of Kunming, which includes a pond with a small island, a palace, and some pavilions that make it one of the highest-ranking gardens outside of China! 


4. Taking a boat trip on Lake Zurich or the River Limmat 

Zurich is located on the upper end of Lake Zurich, while the River Limmat runs along the middle of the city. 

So, why not explore the city by taking a boat trip? To do so, you can: 


5. Discovering the Greifensee 

Furthermore, exploring the Greifensee is another great idea to spend a spring day, by experiencing the: 

  • Picnic and bathing areas. 


6. Go hiking at the Uetliberg 

Last but not least, you should visit the Uetliberg mountain, which offers a wonderful view of the city at 2,850 feet above sea level and several immersive activities, such as:  

  • Joining the Planet Trail from Uetliberg to Felsenegg, an informative trail that takes you from the sun to the eight planets, making you enjoy extraordinary views over the lake and mountains. 

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