10 Advantages Of Furnished Apartments In Zurich

10 Advantages Of Furnished Apartments In Zurich

Moving to Zurich can be thrilling but also complicated: that’s why to opt for a furnished apartment can be the greatest choice you can ever make!

In fact, these apartments come equipped with all the facilities you need, have security arrangements and offer all the comforts, including stylish interiors and mobile solutions to manage all your payments.

Let’s see all their pros into detail!


The main benefits of a furnished apartment


 1. Time-saving

Furnished apartments will save you a lot of time as you won’t have to make elaborate plans, book a large rental truck, or hire a professional company to manage your moving.

All you need to do is booking the apartment some weeks in advance and then pack your personal belongings.


 2. Perfect for procrastinators

If you can’t (or don’t want to) plan your move months in advance, furnished apartments are the perfect solution: you’ll have all the comfort and furniture you need in a jiffy!


 3. Stylish and well-designed

Scrap the myth that furnished apartments lack personality: you can still have a cozy and decorated space, but without the anxiety of creating it from scratch.


 4. Easy to move

By renting a furnished apartment, you won’t have to worry about appliances or furniture being left out or broken during the move: you can easily move and focus on living your new experience in Zurich.

10 Advantages Of Furnished Apartments In Zurich

5. Better mobility

In case you aren’t comfortable with the apartment you selected, you can effortlessly find another without having to pack your furniture again, saving a lot of efforts.


 6. High-standard facilities

Furnished apartments offer several facilities: not just all the appliances but also fully equipped kitchenscleaning and ironing services, the possibility to rent a car or a bicycle, as well as easily ordering food.


 7. Cost-Effective

Selecting an unfurnished apartment doesn’t necessarily mean you save money.

Especially if you are looking for a temporary accommodation, it’d be quite costly to move all your appliances every time, as well as buying all them from scratch: that’s why a furnished apartment is the most reasonable choice also in terms of expenses.


 8. Maintenance-free

Usually, furnished apartments provide you with a full assistance in terms of home and services’ maintenance or support: any help will be available online or through an app.


 9. Flexible

A furnished apartment would allow you to choose the length of your lease for anywhere from a few months to one year, or even on a month-to-month basis.

What’s more, you might leave it when you want without running into an expensive penalty!


 10. Make yourself at home

Last but not least, it’d allow you to focus on your job and let the provider take care of the rest: in fact, many providers would offer you a wide range of on-demand services with the opportunity to pay them smartly through just an app, as CityPop does.

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