Renting An Apartment In Zurich Can Be Fast And Flexible

Renting An Apartment In Zurich Can Be Fast And Flexible

Moving to Zurich on short notice?

If so, a quick and easy solution for you is to find a short-term, furnished apartment that will take much of the stress out of your move.

Let’s see some pivotal tips to find a temporary accommodation in no time!


Main short-term rental sources in Zurich

  • Hello Switzerland: an English-speaking relocation helpline that can give you advice before moving to the city;
  • Flats for Expats: specialist agencies that list specific properties available to expats and offer the help from other expats and experts;
  • Expatica: a great advice guide for expats.


5 golden rules of fast and flexible renting


1. Secure your apartment in advance

To easily find a short term accommodation you should:

  • Start looking 4-5 weeks prior to arriving;
  • Keep your arrival date flexible to increase chances of availability;
  • Check the minimum rental period;
  • Pay attention to terms such as notice period and rental duration.


 2. Look for an innovative and flexible provider

As already seen, furnished and short-terms apartments’ providers in Zurich tend to offer modern and top furniture with fully equipped kitchens and free Wi-Fi.

Those apartments are located in the city centerclose to public transport, holding standards of Swiss quality and representing values like reliability, cleanliness and tidiness.

So, just be sure you’re choosing a cutting-edge and flexible provider!


 3. Easily manage your booking process

Compared to the renting process of a long-term classic apartment – which includes letters of recommendation, modules and bureaucracy – short-term houses can be rented by website or through an app, like Citypop’s one.

This would allow you to simply choose your apartment, book your stay and pay all in one app and with a great flexibility, as well as communicating with the provider in a few clicks!

Easily manage your booking process

4. Choose the services you want

Many short-term accommodations offer a wide range of on-demand services at your fingertips, which can be paid with your credit card in a safe and simple way.

It makes your stay even more flexible and fast, giving you the opportunity to focus just on this stunning city!


 5. Opt for a cheaper, faster, and safer solution

You should know that short-term accommodations tend to be cheaper because their housing providers ask only for their own costs to be covered and ask nothing for the furnishings.

Besides, a short-term stay is easier to find than a permanent one, because the supply of private homes for temporary staying in Zurich still exceeds demand, in fact:

  • 75% of those seeking a temporary home find a solution after no more than two viewings;
  • 80% of rental contracts are completed online within five days.

Finally, those solutions are safer because:

  • The providers support you before, during and after the rental period;
  • You can safely pay everything in a few clicks.

Would you like to learn more about furnished apartments and micro-living? If so, keep following our blog, where you can find also the best tips about living and working in Zurich!

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