How business apartments allow you to meet new people in Zurich

How business apartments allow you to meet new people in Zurich

Business travel can often be lonely and boring. 

So, what about living in a house that would allow you not just to live safely but also quickly settle in Zurich? 

The so-called business apartments, which come fully-equipped for you to work and live comfortably, are also surrounded by a warm atmosphere, lightning-fast Wi-Fi, and neighbors that usually share with you the same travelling and working experience

So, let’s see together how those apartments can really help you socialize in Zurich


4 ways business apartments will make you socialize


1. Making you meet the best neighbors ever 

The majority of business apartments’ providers in Zurich are innovative and future-oriented companies that truly believe in the power of communities. 

City Pop is a great example of this trend: a young and dynamic company, always seeking for new experiences, taking on the challenge to push the world forward and create smarter living solutions that help professionals like you to easily settle in Zurich! 

Business apartments, in fact, are places where everything you need is at your fingertips, and – most of all – where your neighbors are exactly the people you would like to meet in your daily life. 

People who have pretty much your same mindset and professional goals, neighbors that can help you overcome any social barrier in Zurich!


2. Offering you unmissable common areas 

Business apartments make you have at hand not just a community, but also common areas within the structure where you can easily get to know each other, which support learning, socializing and collaboration! 

They can consist of a recreation centre, television room, dining area, library or gym, all spaces and commodities that people normally haven’t in their own houses: you should give a try to those areas because they hold many opportunities for you to socialize while you do something you enjoy, like watching television or playing games!


3. Connecting you to public transport 

Business apartments are usually located in the city centre, so that they offer you an immediate connection to public transport, which is – as we’ve already seen – really efficient in Zurich. 

So, your need of independence and to live a life balanced between study, travel, commitment and fun would find a comfortable, practical and affordable solution!


4. Leaving you more time to explore Zurich 

Last but not least, business apartments are powered with a wide range of on-demand services, easily bookable online! 

That’s the main pro of living smart, because you’ll have the opportunity to rely on all types of on-demand services that simplify your everyday life, as: 

  • Cleaning services; 

  • Private minimarket; 

  • Car/bike sharing; 

  • Quick breakfast. 

So, this would offer you the possibility to have more time for yourself to socialize and explore Zurich! 

What else could you ask for? 

Would you like to learn more about business apartments and micro-living? If so, keep following our blog, where you can find also the best tips about living and working in Zurich! 

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