Microliving in Geneva: how can it make your life easier?

Microliving in Geneva: how can it make your life easier?

If you’re planning to move to Geneva as an expat, bear in mind that finding an apartment for rent can be challenging, since we’re talking about Switzerland's second most popular city after Zurich.

So, let’s see why microliving in Geneva can be the best solution!


Microliving: what is it?

As we’ve already seen, microliving is a cutting-edge lifestyle that reflects the modern need for flexibility and technology.

It suggests a smart living experience, and refers to apartments of around 30 smq – gifted with several timesaving services that can assure you a relaxing stay.

Let’s now see the key benefits of microliving in Geneva!


All the pros of furnished apartments in Geneva

1. Choosing in a flexible way

Microliving providers allow you to book your apartment easily and quickly, choosing your short- or long-term stay online – giving you the freedom to stay even for a few weeks.

On top of that, we at City Pop allow you to visit the apartments autonomously, choosing the most suitable 20-minute time slot on the City Pop App!

2. Living in the heart of the city

In addition, microliving buildings are placed in the city center and offer you:

  • Freedom of movement;
  • Public transport proximity;
  • A strategic position to enjoy the city at its fullest;
  • An accommodation in the central areas of Geneva.

3. Extra expenses included

Another pivotal benefit of microliving is that such a rent includes all the additional expenses and utilities – e.g., electricity, Wi-Fi, water, trash pickup bills, and daily breakfast.

And, on top of this, the smartest providers – like City Pop – allow you to easily and safely manage your reservations, services, and expenses all in one app, through an intuitive payment process!

4. On-demand services

Besides coming fully furnished, these apartments provide you with a series of high-tech and on-demand services that make your stay even easier, such as:

  • Housekeeping – including towel replacement, bed making, laundry and cleaning service;
  • Private mini-market and food delivery;
  • Car/bike sharing and private parking.


5. Being part of a community

Last but not least, in a historic moment when work pace and social media contribute to the rise of global loneliness, the microliving trend offers you the opportunity to become part of a vibrant community of like-minded neighbors.

When it comes to the City Pop Tribe, this translates into smart common areas – such as co-workings, cafés, libraries or gyms – and a dedicated section of the app where you can virtually meet the other tenants and organize your outings!

Want to discover more about living and working in Geneva? Keep following our blog to find the best tips you need to know before and after moving to this stunning city!

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