Discover the new City Pop App

Discover the new City Pop App

Some months ago, we’ve seen how the City Pop App can make you re-think your living concept, thanks to its innovative services and features. 

Yet, that’s not all: during the last year, in fact, we have focused our efforts on building a new and more optimized user interface, through the adoption of secure and scalable technologies, as well as our customers and partners’ precious feedback. 

Therefore, today, we’re proud to announce you the release of the new City Pop App, which will simplify and enhance your staying even further. 

Let’s discover it together! 


The City Pop App: a new way of living 

The City Pop App offers a smart living experience and the opportunity to autonomously manage your serviced apartment, by: 

  • Logging in to your Pop smartly, Your smartphone is the key…literally! In fact, it opens your apartment door

  • Benefitting from a wide network of on-demand services, from cleaning service to laundry, from parking to car/bike sharing, from 24/7 market to good delivery, from storage spaces to multifunctional co-living spaces;

  • Having your reservations, on-demand services, and expenses all in one place, through an intuitive booking and payment process; 

  • Getting support, in case you need help with services, furniture, or payment issues, and to stay updated on the City Pop Tribe’s events

  • Receive important notifications and tips: in order to stay updated on the City Pop’s events and what’s happening in the Tribe.

Yet, with the 2.0 release you’ll have also some new features at hand: let’s see them below! 


Our App’s 2.0 version: what’s new? 

1. Visiting the apartment autonomously 

The first stunning new feature is the opportunity to visit the apartments independently

This means that now you can choose your favourite apartment and pick a 20-minute time slot, during which you will visit it autonomously and feel at home! 


2. An even more intuitive living experience 

What’s more, we’re offering you a faster and more intuitive app’s version that’s based on our customers’ feedback.


3. Some stunning coming-soon features 

Least but not last, some other coming-soon features that will further enhance your smart living experience are: 

  • The laundry with WeWash System, to integrate our laundry service with the modern WeWash option, – namely, the market leader in digital booking for communal laundries – so that you can book your own time slot and pay digitally; 

  • The Home Chat feature, to help tenants get in touch with one another, organize outings and events, discover the new city together, and cultivate new and interesting friendships.

  • Around You, depending on where the tenants are located, the App suggests activities, restaurants, bar and clubs where they can have a good time, giving them the opportunity to get involved in the city from day 1.

So, are you ready to re-think your living concept? Download our new app now

Would you like to learn more about City Pop’s solutions and micro-living? If so, keep following our blog, where you can find also the best tips about living in Zurich, Lugano, and Lausanne. 

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