The 10 best apps for business travelers

The 10 best apps for business travelers

Did you know travel apps can make your business journeys easier and more productive, by helping you organize your staying and work schedule?

Let’s see the most powerful ones in detail!


Unmissable Mobile Apps For Business Travel


1. SAP Concur

SAP Concur is a powerful expense management tracker that can help you manage your business expenses and invoices while on the go, allowing you to:

  • Snap photos of receipts and deal with expenditures or invoices;
  • Send expenses and reimbursements information;
  • Take proactive measures to control costs.


2. Google Translate

A language translation app is indispensable during an international business trip.

The best free option is surely Google Translate, thanks to its ability to translate speech, documents, handwriting, snaps, or web pages into over 100 languages!



Don’t you like the idea of wandering in an unfamiliar airport? If so, FLIO is the app that makes for you, as it’d help you:

  • Find detailed information on thousands of airports, such as interactive maps to gates, baggage claims, restaurants, or means of transport;
  • Book access to lounges or parking spots;
  • Receive real-time updates on your flight status.


4. City Pop App

The City Pop App can help you manage your smart living experience by:

  • Autonomously visiting and managing your short-term serviced apartment;
  • Booking a wide range of on-demand services, from cleaning to car/bike sharing, good delivery, or multifunctional co-living spaces;
  • Having your reservations, expenses, and payments in one place;
  • Discovering the City Pop Tribe’s events and receiving suggestions on activities or venues.


5. DocuSign

DocuSign is the perfect app to sign important documents from your smartphone or tablet while on the go, since it:

  • Protects and encrypts sensitive data.
  • Can forward the signed documents to other business members.


6. TravelPerk

Moreover, you can automate and track your business trip through TravelPerk, which offers travel and cost advisory services for businesses – allowing you to:

  • Reserve flights, lodging, rentals, and means of transport, as well as making payments and invoices;
  • Integrate apps like Expedia, Airbnb, or


7. Skyscanner

In addition, Skyscanner can help you quickly compare last-minute and cost-effective airline tickets to select the best option, giving you the possibility to:

  • Bookmark your search and set alerts for when less expensive flights become available;
  • Book car rentals and hotel rooms.


8. Asana

Asana, on the other side, is one of the most straightforward project management tools. While traveling, this app will let you:

  • Get access to several features for viewing and managing tasks – like checklists, calendars, assignments, and deadlines;
  • Quickly track your team’s projects and progress.


9. Citymapper

Once you rent your apartment in Zurich, Bern or Lausanne, Citymapper can help you easily check public transport’s stops and routes.

A real must if you have meetings in an unfamiliar city in Europe, North America, or Asia!


10. Xe Currency

Finally, Xe Currency is a truly helpful app when traveling abroad, as it allows you to:

  • Convert currencies and show exchange rates in real-time;
  • Set alerts to notify specific rate changes;
  • Receive or send money across over 130 countries.

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