Micro Living

Micro Living

What does the term ‘micro living’ mean? It is a housing trend that enables inexpensive temporary renting in central locations in cities without having to sacrifice one’s private sphere.

Flat Size

The micro flats have on average 15-40m2 and are always equipped with a kitchen. Very often, such a micro flat is, for the sake of convenience, also furnished because the target groups move frequently and do not want to lug all their household things with them. The energy-efficient construction methods mean low running costs. What is more, the location of the apartment buildings usually has an optimal connection to the public transport network. This living concept also integrates communal spaces where the tenants of the individual flats meet together for leisure activities or socialising. Some prefer to work with others so they use their flats less for living than exclusively for sleeping and showering.

Micro flats are mainly found in university and big cities where the target group stays - urban people who prefer to live on a short-term basis. People who value their privacy but still want to be in community when they feel they need it. In the countryside, this is easily possible. In the cities, a new housing trend had to be created.

Difference between Micro Flats and Serviced Apartments

The difference between micro flats and serviced apartments lies in the extras that can be booked, such as laundry or cleaning. There are often additional offers, like bike rental or a connection to a car-sharing company, that go together with a serviced apartment.

Micro Living

It all started with the digital nomads. The need for all professions to be present on the Internet has led to the fact that millions of web pages must be filled up with content. This content is created by people who can choose their place of residence independently of a fixed job. There are more and more people who do so.

Micro living allows this occupational group to relocate if they want and as often as they like. It’s raining in Germany? Off to the Canary Islands! Too hot? Norway is also beautiful in summer!

Another issue that drives micro living is the growing shortage of housing in desirable locations in city centres. Furnished flats located centrally are great as you’re close to everywhere so that you don’t need a car and can quickly get to places for leisure activities by public transport and/or a bicycle. Should you ever need a car, there are car-sharing offers in the cities.

Micro Living in Switzerland

Our society is changing. Many more people than in the past think twice whether they really want to have children and they remain single for a longer period of time, too. As a single, you are by definition also the only breadwinner and that is why you need only little space. Large flats are unnecessary and too expensive not only for the population of digital nomads but also for long-term singles who prefer to live in small flats. This is also the case in Switzerland.

Micro Living Target Group

In Switzerland, the concept of micro living emerged some time ago and is booming now. Commuters, people who begin their new jobs, and students are also part of the target group of micro living in Switzerland. For those who work in the city during the week but want to spend weekends with their families, it makes perfect sense to live in a flat in the city that has a lock-and-go system. That means coming with a suitcase and going home with a suitcase on Fridays. Young people entering the labour market who cannot afford high rents due to lower salaries are happy to have the opportunity to live in a micro living complex.

The already mentioned growing community of singles and those who have just become singles again makes up a large part of the target group for micro flats. A rethink has taken place, in particular, among people who are singles again. You think about how much space you actually need. And that an oversupply of space only leads to more consumption. What results from this, in turn, only prevents a minimalist and simple lifestyle. The logical consequence is as follows: Micro living.

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