Zurich summer events you really can't miss

Zurich summer events you really can't miss

In summer, there’s always something going on in Zurich, thanks to the numerous open-air concerts, live shows, and theater evenings.
Such stunning events make Zurich a city where you can’t easily get bored.
Let’s see them together!


What to do in Zurich in summer: the best events

1. Zurich Pride Festival

The Zurich Pride Festival attracts thousands of supporters of the LGBTQ+ community every year. All started in 2009, when the city hosted the Europride, and the ‘Christopher Street Day’ was renamed as the ‘Zurich Pride Festival’.
Since then, Sechseläutenplatz gets turned into a party hotspot every June, offering also a parade and some international artists’ concerts!

2. Street Parade

The Street Parade is the World’s Largest Techno Party, which makes a million electronic and techno music fans dance around Zurich’s lake basin.
In August, it spreads an incredible party atmosphere through 30 decorated trucks – the Love Mobiles, – hundreds of DJs, seven stages, and various electronic music styles – going from House to Drum'n'Bass, Dubstep, Trance, and Techno.

3. Zürich Openair

Zürich Openair is the largest outdoor festival in Zurich, delighting hundreds of electronic and rock music lovers every year – also housing a wide variety of food and entertainment stands.
Being close to Zurich Airport, this magic event can be easily reached by all international guests.

4. Caliente Latin Festival

Caliente is an amazing Latin-American music festival celebrating also the Latin cuisine and culture.
Right in the heart of Zurich, here you’ll dance to the sound of booming basses, while enjoying exotic drinks, food, and live shows!

5. Zürcher Theater Spektakel

If you’re a culture and art lover, we suggest you give a chance to the international Zürcher Theater Spektakel, which has been captivating people of all ages for over 40 years.
A romantic location – directly on the shores of Lake Zurich – offering stunning sunsets over the lake, perfect for enjoying the international performances, having a walk, or just taking some photos.

6. Allianz Cinema

Allianz Cinema is an open-air cinema on the shores of Lake Zurich, fascinating around 50,000 movie fans for over 30 years.
Here you’d enjoy a thrilling program of movies – from Hollywood blockbusters to indie films or exclusive pre-premieres – and a great range of culinary choices, like delicious grilled meat and spicy salads.

7. Zurich Art Weekend

Last but not least, you can’t miss the Zurich Art Weekend, a top contemporary art event that consists of three days of exhibitions, guided tours, and lectures across the city’s museums and galleries – including special events like:
•    Artist cocktail receptions;
•    Studio visits;
•    Workshops.

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