Top rainy days activities in Zurich

Top rainy days activities in Zurich

Are you worried about what you may do in Zurich when it rains? 

If so, you should know that Zurich offers plenty of activities that you can enjoy in the rainy days: let’s discover them together! 


Activities to do in Zurich when it rains 

1. Marveling at the numerous museums 

Zurich is one of the leading art cities in the world and offers more than 50 museums, as well as over 100 galleries! 

So, in a rainy day, we suggest you to visit: 

  • The National Museum: located behind the Main Station, which houses the largest collection of arts about the Swiss cultural history, as handicrafts, sculptures, and paintings; 

  • The Kunsthaus: the city’s main modern art collection that includes Alberto Giacometti, Munch, Picasso, and Monet’s masterpieces; 

  • The FIFA World Football Museum: an exciting and interactive experience that illustrates the history of FIFA and Football World Cup. Besides the original trophy, it houses also memorable items as the FIFA member associations’ shirts, and a giant pinball machine that lets the visitors test their own ball skills; 

  • The University of Zurich’s Zoological Museum: home to numerous animal species, for a total of 1.500 taxidermied animals from all over the world, it’s one of the most loved museums in the city; 

  • The Tram Museum Zurich: trams represent a fascinating, long-standing Zurich’s tradition. Here you can gain an insight into their history and marvel at the original old vehicles – from 1897 – as well as uniforms, ticket machines, and much more! 


2. Visiting the Cabaret Voltaire 

Another great place to visit in a rainy day is the Cabaret Voltaire, where Dadaism was founded in 1916. 

Since its reopening in 2004, it offers new exhibitions and events, as well as a shop and the beautiful Café Cabaret Voltaire, a relaxing meeting place where guests can talk, read, or have fun in the evenings, tasting delicious snacks and cocktails! 


3. Giving a try to the Thermalbad and Spa Zurich 

What’s more, you can immerse yourself into wellness by bathing at the Thermalbad and Spa Zurich, where you can find plenty of baths, saunas, and relaxing options, as: 

  • Various massages and the Irish-Roman spa ritual; 

  • The meditation pool with its underwater music; 

  • The steam bath and the Kneipp hydrotherapy area


4. Discovering the Casino Zürich 

Then, you may even try your luck at Switzerland's largest casino, where you’ll find over 300 gaming machines and 22 gaming tables, tasting a delicious dinner at the SAVE Restaurant and Lounge

You can join the casino for free before 7pm, after which you have to pay a CHF 10 admission fee: just bring with you a valid ID document. 


5. Enjoying the thrilling Indoor-Foxtrail at Zürich HB 

No matter the weather, the thrilling scavenger hunt at Zurich Main Station (Zürich HB) is always the perfect choice! 

During this stunning indoor trail, full of tricky clues and codes, you’ll discover the train station in a completely new light, collaborating with your team to look for the hidden tracks laid by the fox. 


6. Popping up to the ShopVille-Zurich Main Station 

And finally, you can go shopping at the ShopVille-Zurich Main Stationa big three-floor shopping center that’s open all over the year from early morning until late evening, which offers a variety of 180 stores, services, and restaurants! 

Would you like to discover more about living and working in Zurich? Keep following our blog to stay updated and find out the best tips you need to know before and after moving to this stunning city!

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