Renting An Apartment In Lugano Can Be Fast And Flexible

Renting An Apartment In Lugano Can Be Fast And Flexible

Afraid of moving to Lugano on short notice and not finding the right apartment in time? 

If so, let’s figure out how furnished apartments can be a quick and short-term solution to reduce much of the stress of your moving! 


Major short-term rental sources in Lugano 

  • Hello Switzerland: an English-speaking relocation helpline that may help you out before moving to Ticino; 

  • UMS: the main Swiss portal for temporary housing all over Switzerland, which offers also several tips and tricks about living as an expat in Lugano; 

  • Expatica: a must-see guide for expats. 


The key rules of a fast and flexible renting 

1. Assure yourself an apartment in advance 

In order to find a short term accommodation as easily as possible, we suggest you to: 

  • Start looking 4-5 weeks prior to arriving

  • Be flexible in terms of arrival date to increase your chances; 

  • Pay attention to the minimum rental period; 

  • Be careful of notice period and rental duration. 


2. Seek a cutting-edge and flexible provider 

Furnished and short-term apartments’ providers in Lugano usually offer stylish and high-quality furniture with fully equipped kitchens and free Wi-Fi. 

What’s more, those apartments are placed in the city center, next to the public transport, ensuring Swiss quality and values like reliability, cleanliness and tidiness. 

Therefore, just make sure to choose a state-of-the-art and flexible provider


3. Manage the booking process efficiently 

As opposed to the process involved in renting a long-term apartment – that includes letters of recommendation and a lot of bureaucracy – the short-term solutions can be rented easily online or through an app, as Citypop’s one. 

Thanks to technology, you’d have the opportunity to simply select your apartment, book your stay and pay flexibly within the app, as well as get through the provider in a few clicks! 


4. Pick the services you prefer 

Moreover, a lot of short-term providers offer a huge range of on-demand services at your fingertips, which can be safely and easily paid with your credit card. 

This makes your stay be even more flexible and quick, giving you the opportunity to focus only on discovering the beautiful city of Lugano


5. Go for a competitive, quicker, and safer solution 

Another great reason to choose a short-term accommodation is that it tends to be cheaper, owing to the providers ask just for their own costs to be covered and nothing more for the furnishings

Likewise, a short-term solution can be found more easily than a permanent one, because the supply of private houses for temporary staying in Lugano exceeds demand, and indeed: 

  • 75% of those looking for a temporary accommodation find it after no more than two viewings; 

  • 80% of rental contracts are concluded online within five days. 

Finally, those houses are safer in as much as: 

  • The providers help you out before, during and after the rental period; 

  • You may safely pay all you need in a few clicks. 

Would you like to learn more about furnished apartments and micro-living? If so, keep following our blog, where you can find also the best tips about living and working in Lugano! 

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