The best things to do if you live in Lugano

The best things to do if you live in Lugano

Located in the Swiss canton of Ticino, in the South of the Country, Lugano doesn’t just represent the typical Swiss high standard of living, but it’s also home to the largest Italian-speaking community outside of Italy. 

So, it consists of a mixture of two different traditions, whose result is a unique and compelling Swiss-Mediterranean culture! 


The best things to do in Lugano if... 


1. You’re a sports person 

Lugano would be a dream come true for you if you love lake and mountains sports, so: 

  • Visit the Lugano Lake, to enjoy a windsurfing session or try out sailing, stand up paddle and water-skiing; 

  • Enjoy the Lugano Bike 66 hiking trail, one of the most attractive single-trails for mountain bikers; 

  • Climb the Denti della Vecchia, one of the historical places for Ticinese free climbing; 

  • Give a try to the Steel Path of Monte San Salvatore, a fixed-aid climb that’s perfect for beginners. 


2. You’re keen on arts 

If you love arts more than anything else, Lugano offers you a wide range of choice, as: 

  • Lugano’s cultural centre, LAC, where you can enjoy theatrical and musical performances like LuganoMusica and LuganoInScena

  • Museums and Cathedrals, like the Hermann Hesse Museum, which hosts the nobel-prize-artist’s precious evidences; 

  • The Alprose Chocolate Museum, visiting also the Nostalgia Shop to taste some delicious Swiss chocolate; 

  • The virtual reality tour around the ancient district of Santa Maria degli Angeli, thanks to the 3D technology! 


3. You are a natural outdoorsy 

If you love nature, you’d have the opportunity to enjoy several parks and gardens, so: 

  • Visit Belvedere Garden, an oasis of peace and beauty, or Parco Ciani, one of the most beautiful Swiss parks; 

  • Join the Olive Tree Trail to enjoy the most stunning landscapes of Lugano Lake; 

  • Discover Monte Brè by boat, with a stunning journey from the city centre to the tiny village of Brè, just in time to take the funicular and admire the view. 


4. You love shopping 

Lugano offers also a romantic city center with narrow streets and hidden squares, where going shopping becomes a dream, then: 

  • Reach Piazza Della Riforma to give a try to its shops, bistros and restaurants; 

  • Visit Via Nassa, the shopping street of Lugano, full of particular and sophisticated shops in an elegant atmosphere; 

  • Buy a Swiss watch or, at least, visit one of the traditional watch shops, like Rish Orologi or the old-fashioned jewelry store Preziosi


5. You go crazy for food 

Finally, if you’re a food lover, you can’t miss: 

  • Cruise & Cook, a charming cruise on Lugano Lake to enjoy a drink on a terrace with a wonderful view of the city, and cook yourself the Ticinese risotto with the help of a chef; 

Would you like to learn more about the magic city of Lugano? If so, keep following our blog, where you can find also the best tips about living and working in Lugano! 

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