Best things to do in Lausanne

Best things to do in Lausanne

Lausanne, the second largest city on Lake Geneva, is famous for being the Olympic capital, but is also loved for its wide range of fun activities

Let’s see them together! 


Top activities to do in Lausanne if... 


1. You love sports 

If you’re a die-hard sports enthusiast, you should absolutely: 

  • Visit The Olympic Museum, where you’ll discover the world of Olympic Games through a unique and interactive experience; 

  • Give a try to the Skate park hall Sévelin, a street sports indoor building that offers several facilities and ramps for skateboarders and bike trialists; 

  • Discover the Lausanne-sur-Mer summer event, at the Vidy Pyramids, where you may learn to surf or even swim like a mermaid; 


2. You’re a nature enthusiast 

Then, if you’d rather go walking, have picnics, or meditate in a peaceful green space, you should pop up to: 

  • Milan Park, with its beech woods, vegetable gardens, and a unique view over the Savoy region; 

  • Denantou Park, with its 16-metre-high Thai pavilion, a present from Thailand’s King to the city where he studied; 


3. You’re keen on culture and arts 

What’s more, Lausanne offers several art and culture venues, such as: 

  • The Notre-Dame Cathedral, a stunning Gothic building dating back to the Middle Ages, open 7 days a week from 9am to 5.30 or 7pm; 

  • Château Saint-Maire, a seat of the country’s government, which goes back to 1397 and features an austere Russian architecture; 

  • Fondation de l’Hermitage, a world-known showcase of international contemporary artists that houses valuable exhibitions and organizes cultural events in the adjacent restaurant; 

  • Collection de l’Art Brut, with its unusual collections by self-taught artists and free cultural events on each month’s first Saturday; 

  • Vaud Museum of Fine Arts, opened in 1841, it’s one of the oldest Swiss museums and is exclusively dedicated to art, with a collection of 10,000 works; 

  • Plateforme 10, the new upcoming arts district, right next to the train station, that will combine hub photography, fine arts, and design by 2021. 


4. You’re shopping addicted 

On top of that, Lausanne’s city center offers also a large variety of luxury boutiques and open-air markets. So, just swing by: 

  • Palud Square, the high-class district full of cafés, boutiques, and shops, where takes place the market on Wednesday and Saturday mornings; 

  • Saint-François Square – Bourg Street, an area of elegant boutiques that sell fashion, jewelry, and art pieces; 

  • Place Saint-Laurent – Ale Street, which ends at the only remaining ancient stone tower. 


5. You’re a good eater 

Besides, Lausanne is crawling with lovely restaurants and cafés, among which: 

  • Le Chalet Suisse, a popular restaurant that offers typical Swiss dishes as fondue and raclette on an ‘all-you-can-eat’ basis; 

  • La Pinte Besson, the city’s oldest restaurant, placed in a lively downtown quarter near ‘Place de la Riponne’; 

  • Café de Grancy, with its contemporary cooking, weekend brunches, and a truly creative atmosphere. 


6. You’re a night owl 

Finally, Lausanne has been a nightlife leading city since the 1990s, so just have fun at: 

  • MAD Club, a warehouse located in Flon, temple of the electro music, whose 5 floors host the most famous DJs; 

  • D! Club, an old cinema turned into a disco, reign of house music and big names of the genre; 

  • Les Docks Concert Hall, the perfect venue for international musicians of all contemporary genres – rock, funk, hip-hop – where you can enjoy the lively café to make new friends; 

  • Les Arches, a marveling bar-terrace where you can have an aperitif in the evening; 

  • The Great Escape, an English-style sports pub – truly popular with expats – perfect for watching football or rugby matches, which offers a wide range of beers and food. 

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