Renting apartments for short periods: everything you want (and need to know)

Renting apartments for short periods: everything you want (and need to know)

The need to move often, change cities and sometimes even countries is becoming more and more common, and may be dictated by personal choices, work situations or study reasons, which entail having to move abroad for a certain period of time. 

To adapt to this change in the way of living and dwelling, alternative solutions have arisen that offer the possibility of staying, for example, in a European metropolis, for more or less extended periods, renting a comfortable apartment.

Having the opportunity to independently manage the period of stay in another city, in a modern and functional house, carrying out the check-in yourself and without worrying about anything else is definitely an advantage for those who have to spend a period of time abroad.

Short-term apartment rental is a versatile housing solution that can meet different needs and is often preferred over the classic hotel as it offers greater flexibility and freedom of movement. 


An app to manage the period of stay remotely

If you are planning or need to spend some time in Germany or other European locations, with City Pop's online application you will be able to access a short term apartment rental service that is gaining popularity everywhere. 

Furnished and comfortable housing facilities are available in several European cities including Frankfurt, one of Germany's most beautiful and historic locations, which is popular for business but certainly deserves to be visited at leisure. 

It is a vibrant city, with a striking old town and the typical skyline of a large metropolis, traits that make it an ideal destination for a short vacation, proving pleasant and interesting to get to know and visit, perhaps in the company of family. 

Thanks to this latest housing format, organizing one's stay is very simple, with the advantage of being able to stay in a modern and functional apartment, furnished and equipped with everything one needs to live in serenity.

Through the appropriate application, you can use the short term apartment rental service and check in independently: each accommodation comes with all the comforts of a stylish and functional urban residence. 


Staying in the city in an apartment: why it is the best choice

The need to move to another city may be due to work commitments or a period of study abroad, or simply to one's own personal choice, the desire to change horizons and meet new people and environments. 

Today, many people pursue professional activities that do not require the need for a fixed abode and may decide to change cities and living environments at any time, simply to experience a different lifestyle than usual.

A rental apartment is the best choice because it allows people to experience the city in all its dimensions, with creativity and imagination, discover all its hidden corners, and have a reference point that offers the feeling of being at home. 

The short-term apartment rental option offered by City Pop guarantees a quality stay in an elegant and safe environment, with the possibility of choosing the preferred configuration and size of the apartment. 

If you want to spend a period of time in Germany and are looking for a housing solution that meets your needs, book your apartment in Frankfurt directly through the mobile application.

You will be able to receive the digital key and directly visit the accommodation you like best, and then decide whether to proceed with the check-in yourself and start your new experience in a modern and cozy home, where you will find everything you need. 


Two-room apartment for rent in Frankfurt with Innovative Solutions

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