Ice Skating rinks in and around Zürich

Ice Skating rinks in and around Zürich

Once rented your serviced apartment in Zurich, it’s definitively time to have fun!

The city, indeed, houses plenty of ice skating options – going from permanent to seasonal rinks, – where you can spend wonderful winter evenings with friends and also taste a delicious hot chocolate or fondue.

Let’s discover some of them together!


The Most Amazing Ice Skating Rinks in Zurich


1. Dolder Ice Rink

First, we suggest you give a try to Europe’s largest open artificial ice rink – the Dolder, – which is the most popular rink in Zurich.

Built in 1930, this 6000-square-metre ice rink – or better, three rinks, one for the public, one for lessons, and one for hockey – includes:


2. ETH Polyterrasse

While, if you want to marvel at one of the best views of Zurich, you should pop over to ETH Polyterrasse, where you can admire the whole city – and even the Alps on a clear day.

This is a free, temporary rink – open from mid-November to mid-December, – where you’d just pay to rent the skates.


3. Bellevue Christmas Market Rink

Another interesting ice rink is part of the Bellevue Christmas Market, on Sechseläutenplatz.

A lovely setting in front of the Zurich Opera house, where you can rent skates and ice walkers to have fun all day till the market closes!


4. Heuried Zürich

In addition, you can have fun at the newly renovated sports center in Heuried, which offers:

  • An indoor ice rink with several clubs and training opportunities;
  • An outdoor rink – during winter – for ice skating fun;
  • Up to 300 spectators’ seats in the stands to watch ice hockey matches and figure skaters’ pirouettes;
  • Delicious dishes at the Vrenelisgärtli restaurant.


5. Lachen Ice Rink on Lake Zurich

Then, we suggest you try the outdoor ice rink in Lachen, next to Lake Zurich, where you can engage with different ice skating and Bavarian curling activities.

And, when you need a break, you can stop by the ice rink’s little hut that serves French fries, punch, or mulled wine!


6. Rapperswil Ice Skating Facility

Moreover, by the lido in Rapperswil, you can find:

  • An ice-skating hall dedicated to training and private hockey games;
  • An outdoor rink facility that is most open to the public and allows you to skate with special lighting on Friday evenings.


7. Einsiedeln Ice Park

If you’re a skating, hockey, or Bavarian curling enthusiast, you can enjoy these sports in Einsiedeln.

This artificial ice rink, next to the imposing Einsiedeln Abbey, offers five Bavarian curling sheets and one ice rink – open from November to March.

Also here, you can find a seat in the cozy hut and taste some cheese fondue or a drink!


8. Eispark Erlenmoos

Last but not least, from November to February, you can enjoy the Eispark Erlenmoos in Wollerau.

A 900-square-metre, open-air ice rink that offers fun for people of all ages, including activities like ice skating, hockey games, or Bavarian curling.

Here, you’ll also find the Restaurant Böni Hüttli to warm up with a hot drink or a fondue!

Want to discover more about living and working in Zurich? Keep following our blog to find the best tips you need to know before and after moving to this stunning city!

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