10 advantages of furnished apartments in Lausanne

10 advantages of furnished apartments in Lausanne

As we’ve already seenfurnished apartments are a great alternative to traditional flats, as they come fully equipped with all the items and appliances you need! 

Yet, the furniture typology can vary according to the provider: in fact, some may offer you just the basic furniture, while others – like City Pop – would provide you with a full equipment in terms of furniture, appliances, and on-demand services. 

So, let’s see together all the main advantages of such apartments! 


Furnished apartments: the main benefits 


1. Time saver 

First and foremost, opting for a furnished apartment means that you wouldn’t have to worry about booking a rental truck to move all your furniture to the new housesaving a lot of time and money


2. Less stress 

In the same way, dealing with a more straightforward move means also avoiding the stress of designing a new apartment from scratch, or getting worried about appliances being damaged during the move. 


3. Short-time notice 

What’s more, furnished apartments are the best choice also when it comes to a short-notice move. 

So, if you aren’t planning to stay in Lausanne for a long time, they would allow you to avoid all the time-consuming bureaucracy of a traditional lease


4. Affordability 

Then, another meaningful benefit of furnished apartments is their cost-effectiveness, mainly because: 

  • You don’t have to buy new furniture and appliances or pay for moving them; 

  • The most cutting-edge providers include electricity, Internet, or TV expenses directly in the rent. 


5. Great mobility 

Besides, if you no longer like the apartment you chose, it’s far easier to withdraw a furnished apartment lease than a traditional long-term one, as you wouldn’t have to deal with complex contracts or pack all your furniture again! 


6. Flexibility 

As already said, those apartments are perfect for short-term stays, as they’d allow you to set the lease length that fits you the most – even on a month-to-month basis – and you will be able to leave without running into any contract penalty. 


7. High-quality furniture 

Another great advantage is their high design standards and detail-oriented furniture, as well as the opportunity to customize them with ornaments like plants, photos, cushions, or carpets. 

So, even if the furniture will be out of your hands, you can still decorate the rest of your home as you prefer! 


8. On-demand services 

In addition, the most intuitive and modern providers – like City Pop – offer several premium services, such as: 

  • Fully equipped kitchens; 

  • Cleaning services

  • Private minimarkets 24/7; 

  • Food delivery; 

  • Car and bike sharing; 

  • Fast and private Wi-Fi. 


9. Maintenance-free 

Also, you don't have to worry about maintenance, as furnished apartments offer you a 24/7 customer service and the possibility to easily submit any support request online or by app


10. Make yourself at home! 

Last but not least, such apartments help you quickly settle in Lausanne, allowing you to focus on your job and social life while the provider takes care of the rest. 

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