What to do in Lugano during winter

What to do in Lugano during winter

Lugano is the perfect city for winter lovers, as there’s plenty of activities to do during the cold season, going from events to sports. 

Let’s see them together! 


The best things to do in Lugano during winter 

1. Enjoying ‘Città del Natale’ 

Firstly, living the Christmas period in Lugano would make you part of a truly magical experience! 

The Christmas season starts with the lighting of the tree in Riforma Square on the 28th of November: after that, the old town becomes a stunning, colorful village, rich in entertainment, musical, and shopping activities up until Epiphany. 


2. Joining the Carnival 

Another unmissable thing to do in February is joining Lugano’s Ul Sbroja Carnival, which begins the week before Shrove Tuesday and spreads the Guggen music all over the old town and streets! 

Yet, locals love joining also some of the other carnivals in Canton Ticino, so you should discover: 

  • The Carnival of Bellinzona: called Rabadan, which is the second biggest parade in Switzerland, where more than 150.000 people celebrate in streets and marquees; 

  • The "Stranociada" in Locarno: where you can enjoy a vibrant Friday night with the old town invaded by masks, Guggen, and music until the morning; 

  • The Nebiopoli Carnival of Chiasso: which offers a wonderful masked parade full of floats, groups, and bands. 


3. Trying Winter Sports 

What’s more, Lugano allows you to enjoy numerous nearby ski lifts: not by chance, Switzerland ranks fifth in the world’s most loved skiing destinations! 

So, you should give a try to: 

  • Sledge track: having the time of your life with sledges and discovering enchanting panoramic views, as the track for sledges of Bosco Gurin or the winter sports’ area in Nara


4. Visiting Cornèr Arena – Resega Ice Rink 

If you are a winter sports’ fan, you should absolutely visit Cornèr Arena to attend an ice hockey match, one of the most loved sports in Switzerland! 

Then, you can also try a unique ice-skating experience, accessing the rink on specific days and times to skate with or without sticks, even by renting the equipment on the spot. 


5. Hiking at Monte San Salvatore 

And finally, a few steps away from Lugano, rises Monte San Salvatore, where you can enjoy: 

  • The Museum San Salvatore, which hosts a collection of rare religious art and the region’s minerals, fossils, and speleology exhibition; 

  • The cable railway, which runs all year round and offers exciting trips every 30 minutes; 

  • A lunch at Ristorante Vetta, marveling at a beautiful panoramic terrace and tasting the Mediterranean cuisine, or joining one of its special events

  • Excursions: walking down on foot, you can admire mountain slopes and uncontaminated areas. 

Would you like to discover more about living and working in Lugano? Keep following our blog to stay updated and find out the best tips you need to know before and after moving to this stunning city! 

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