Out of the City: one day trips when you live in Lugano

Out of the City: one day trips when you live in Lugano

Lugano is a truly well-located and connected city, the ideal starting point to visit a great number of interesting places that are no more than two hours away. 

Let’s discover them together! 


One-day trips you can’t miss when you live in Lugano 


1. Visiting Locarno 

First, you should absolutely give a try to Locarno, less than an hour from Lugano, to see: 

  • Camellia Park, an international botanical attraction that consists of a series of flowerbeds forming a labyrinthine trail, where you can stroll among 850 varieties of wonderful camellias; 

  • Falconeria Locarno, to live an exciting adventure in the birds of prey’s world. 


2. Discovering Bellinzona 

Just 30 minutes away from Lugano, you can discover Ticino's capital city, Bellinzona, where you’ll enjoy: 

  • The most famous Ticino’s carnival, the Rabadan, which animates the streets of the historic center

  • A stunning ride from the historic center, thanks to the e-bike sharing service in Piazza Simen; 

  • The traditional Market of Bellinzona, where you may buy local products and crafts. 


3. Reaching the Brissago Islands 

Besides, you can’t miss the Brissago Islands at Lake Maggiore, namely the Canton Ticino's botanical park, where: 

  • The little island – called Isola Piccola or St. Apollinaire – is covered with spontaneous vegetation; 

  • The big island – Isola Grande or St. Pancrazio – is an exotic garden with subtropical plants, open from April to October. 


4. Going to the Verzasca Valley 

What’s more, you should give a try to the Verzasca Valley, where you’ll discover: 

  • The Museum of the Verzasca Valley, which houses a collection of a thousand objects that reflect the past everyday life of the valley; 

  • The ‘Casa della Lana’ – or House of Wool – to immerse yourself into the traditional production of wool; 

  • The Romanic bridge "Ponte dei Salti, a medieval bridge that crosses the Verzasca river; 

  • The 007 Golden Eye Bungee Jump, famous for being the setting of the opening scene of James Bond’s movie, where you can visit – or even try – the bungee jumping platform! 


5. Taking a trip to Milan 

Besides, you can even enjoy the Italian vibes in Milan, where the activities to do would be almost endless, as visiting: 

  • Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper, one of the most famous paintings in the world; 

  • The Sforzesco Castle and the Duomo

  • World-class museums, trendy shopping areas, and classy restaurants. 


6. Exploring the Alps 

Last but not least, hiking in the alps will be the perfect choice if you’re a nature lover, as you may: 

  • Visit the town of San Bernardino, the perfect starting point to explore one of the prettiest Canton of Grisons’ areas, in the Lepontine Alps; 

  • Go to the Piora Alp, where you can enjoy food and drinks at one of the two restaurants in Cadagno; 

  • Hike from Mount Tamaro to Mount Lema, to marvel at the breathtaking natural views; 

  • Walk around Lake Robiei, being amazed by the views over the alpine lake and mountain peaks all around. 

Would you like to discover more about living and working in Lugano? Keep following our blog to stay updated and find out the best tips you need to know before and after moving to this stunning city! 

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