Living in Lugano: pros and cons

Living in Lugano: pros and cons

As we’ve already seen, Lugano is a multicultural, people-friendly, and lively Swiss-Mediterranean city, located in the heart of Europe. 

So, what may be the main benefits and drawbacks of living there? 

Let’s discover them together! 


Main pros of living in Lugano... 


1. Having fun in a safe environment 

First and foremost, the Swiss economic well-being allows Lugano to have one of the lowest rates in terms of crimes, thanks to an organized local police service that would allow you to enjoy various leisure activities in a safe and breathtaking atmosphere! 


2. Being well-connected 

And on top of that, Lugano offers quick and high-quality public transport services, as well as efficient infrastructures, affording its citizens to enjoy a place full of comforts and entertainment.


3. Cosmopolitism is the watchword 

Besides, Lugano is the third largest Swiss financial center and the country’s gateway to Europe. 

In fact, its mix of international cultures makes it one of the most fascinating Swiss cities, both from a cosmopolitan and economic point of view, allowing you to feel part of a wide expats’ community! 


4. Benefiting from a strategic position 

What’s more, Lugano is located a few hours from Zurich and Milan, in a strategic position that gives it a big potential in terms of work and tourism. 

So, in a few hours by car, you will discover both the Swiss and Italian venues, as well as find new professional and networking opportunities! 


5. A stunning warm weather 

Last but not least, Lugano has a subtropical Mediterranean weather that offers hot summers and snowy winters, assuring you no shortage of activities to do all over the year! 


...and some of its cons 


1. The Swiss hard-working nature 

Swiss people are known to be hard workers and take their jobs pretty seriously. 

Yet, you should know that they’re also much less likely to put in overtime on evenings and weekends than other people, so they tend to have a really healthy work-life balance! 


2. Sundays shutdown 

For the same reason, Sunday is pretty much a day of rest, with most shops and businesses closed. 

If you’re used to 24/7 consumerism, you might need some time to get used to this shift in mindset, but you’ll start to enjoy this downtime soon, and spend it having some relax or fun with your friends! 


3. Dealing with the language gap 

As we’ve already seenSwitzerland is split into German, French and Italian-speaking areas. In Lugano most of the population speaks Italian.

To overcome this starting issue, you may take some Italian courses, both to understand the bureaucratic paperwork and make new local friends. 


4. The feared costs of living 

Finally, are you worried about the typical Swiss costs of living? 

If so, just take into consideration that Ticino’s taxation is much lower than the neighboring countries’ one: so, although the costs of living are higher than in Europe, they will be offset by an advantageous general charging! 

Would you like to discover more about living and working in Lugano? If so, keep following our blog, where you can find also the best tips and tricks about moving to this stunning city!

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