Studying in Lugano: how to make the most of your experience

Studying in Lugano: how to make the most of your experience

Lugano doesn’t offer just different occupational opportunities and exciting experiences, but also the possibility to enhance your studies in a multicultural environment, thanks to its eco-friendly and innovative campus

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5 ways to enjoy your study experience in Lugano 

1. Take advantage of the student card 

One of the first steps to enjoy your university experience in Lugano is surely by using your student card, which would afford you to benefit from several discounts and offers within restaurants, sports, events, shops, and beauty salons. 

What’s more, you may also take advantage of the unlimited Lugano Card, which costs just CHF 10 and offers various discounts at pools, movie theaters, gyms, LuganoMusicalanguage courses, and much more! 

2. Join a student union 

On the other side, if you want to make the most of your social life when studying in Lugano, you can’t lose the opportunity to join a student union! 

This would allow you to meet new people, organize and enjoy parties or meetings, as well as cultural or sports events. 

3. Enjoy the nightlife 

If you are a night owl, you may give a try to local places like: 

  • Bar Oops, near the university campus, which offers different theme evening each day, like beer-pong, live music, jokes competitions, pinball machine, and cocktails; 

  • Trinity Irish Pub, a restaurant, pub and brewery in a local that’s unique of its kind; 

4. Try the local culinary specialties 

Another great way to make the most of your experience is by enjoying the local food, for instance: 

  • Joining The LAB, a real food laboratory where you can share healthy and innovative food experiences, as well as having a quick lunch break right in front of the USI; 

  • Stopping by El Mojito Tropical Lounge, on the lakefront, to taste a cocktail with a relaxing musical background; 

  • Trying Pizza Style and Pasta e Pesto, the right take-away options for your hard-studying days, when the last thing you’d ever do is cooking; 

  • Enjoying a brunch: we all know how timing changes when you’re studying, above all over the weekends, so let’s be flexible and enjoy a brunch in “La Dispensa” or “Super Officine”. 

5. Give a try to the sports activities 

As we’ve already seen, Lugano offers the possibility to enjoy both lake and mountains sports, in a unique and green atmosphere. 

So, you may: 

  • Join the USI/SUPSI sports activities for students, to be part of international sports events, free or charge or at affordable prices; 

  • Rent skis or snowboard in the winter season, taking advantage of your student card’s discounts; 

  • Enroll in some exciting courses offered by the USI, like snowboard, skiing, martial arts, dance, pilates, yoga, hockey, tennis, swimming, and much more; 

  • Visit Monte Bré, through advantageous excursions and guided tours, just a few minutes from the city center; 

  • Enjoy the Resega ice-skating rink, available from September to April. 

Interested in knowing more about studying and living in Lugano? Keep following our blog to stay updated and find out the best tips ever! 

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