The Best Summer Events in Geneva

The Best Summer Events in Geneva

In summer, Geneva offers both the vibrant vibes of a big city and the quietness of a human-scale town, along with several amazing events that range from food festivals to outdoor screenings and games.
Let’s discover them together!

Things to do in Geneva in summer: 8 top events

1. Fête de la Musique – Geneva Music Festival

Fête de la Musique animates the city to the rhythm of about 450 concerts, performances, and movies. So, from the 24th to the 26th of June, you can enjoy:

  • Concerts – including rap, rock, jazz, baroque, and symphonic music;
  • Workshops and cultural meetings;
  • Dance performances and 30 stages;
  • 27 food stands.

2. Musiques en été

In addition, Musiques en été offers a high-quality program with several music genres, such as jazz, opera, folk, rock’n’roll, and soul.
Here can join three free concerts throughout July and August, on a wonderful open-air stage at Parc La Grange.

3. CinéTransat

If you love cinema, you can’t miss the opportunity to discover CinéTransat, an open-air movie festival that takes place every summer in La Perle du Lac park!
This event includes numerous open-to-all outdoor screenings of short and feature movies, along with:

  • Entertainment;
  • Food and refreshments;
  • Various animations;
  • Picnics and deckchair rental.

4. Mystères aux Bastions

What’s more, we suggest you give a try to one of the funniest activities in the heart of Geneva: the Mystères aux Bastions!
Such an amazing outdoor escape game would be perfect for exploring the Parc des Bastions and its history during summer, while solving puzzles and completing missions with friends.

5. La Tour Geneva Triathlon

Then, if you prefer the sports events, you should join “La Tour Geneve Triathlon” – in July – with its seven race formats, suitable for triathletes of all ages and abilities.
During each race, the crowd encourages participants who are:

  • Cycling along the city center;
  • Swimming in Lake Geneva;
  • Running along the shores of the lake.

6. MAMCO Summer Program

If you’re a culture lover, we can’t forget to suggest you the Contemporary Art Museum (MAMCO) special edition, where you’ll find artists from different generations and an interesting summer program – from July to September – that features free:

  • Talks and performances;
  • Off-site events;
  • Drinks and bites areas.

7. Street Food Festival

While, if you’re a good fork, you should absolutely join the delicious Geneva Street Food Festival at the English Garden – in June and September – to taste the best gastronomy and visit several:

  • Food trucks;
  • Stands and bars.

8. Swiss National Day

Finally, we suggest you celebrate the Swiss National Day in Geneva on the 1st of August – typically at Parc des Bastions, – where you can find numerous:

  • Games, sports, and workshops;
  • Tasty food and drinks;
  • The Paper Lantern Parade;
  • The bonfire, fireworks, and special guest DJ.

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