Serviced Apartments: how can they make your life easier?

Serviced Apartments: how can they make your life easier?

Are you looking for a short-term, smart, and flexible accommodation in one of the biggest European cities?

If so, let’s discover how a serviced apartment can change your life!


What’s a serviced apartment?

Never heard about serviced apartments before?

In brief, serviced living is a smart concept that rethinks the home as a service!

Such apartments, in fact, offer short- or long-term staying, but they’re rather a rental apartment with supplementary services than a hotel-like environment – namely, the perfect solution for business travelers and those who are moving to a new city.


4 Major Benefits of a Serviced Apartment


1. Easier than booking a hotel room

Serviced apartments fill the gap between a common city apartment and a hotel room.

In fact, the most innovative providers – like City P op – would allow you to easily visit, rent, and manage your apartment from an intuitive app, through a process that’s even simpler than booking a hotel room – with no need for complicated contracts!


2. Affordability, freedom, and flexibility

On top of that, such apartments are:

  • More affordable than a conventional apartment – since utilities expenses are included and you can manage your payments or services in app for free;
  • Flexible, as they can be monthly or weekly rented with a straightforward contract;
  • The ideal choice to have more time to spend on leisure activities, such as shopping in the retail centers, relaxing in the parks, discovering restaurants, outdoor and cultural venues.


3. Fully furnished with several services included

What’s more, serviced apartments come fully furnished and offer a wide range of services that will make you experience a home-like environment with the comfort of a hotel room – but with more affordability, privacy, and amenities like:

  • Room service, free Wi-Fi and TV;
  • Housekeeping, laundry, and cleaning service;
  • Full-size kitchen, 24/7 market, and easy good delivery;
  • Access to gyms, restaurants, co-working spaces, and concierges.
  • Parking spots and car/bike sharing;
  • Contactless check-in and digital access.


4. Located in the heart of the city

  • Finally, you should know that serviced apartments are always centrally located and perfectly connected with the public transportation – which is another key to their success!

City Pop’s marvelous buildings, in fact, are placed right at the heart of the city, and – in just a few steps – you would reach:

  • The main train station;
  • Numerous restaurants and bars;
  • The best shopping facilities and stores;
  • The major theaters and museums.
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