Renting An Apartment In Lausanne Can Be Fast And Flexible

Renting An Apartment In Lausanne Can Be Fast And Flexible

As you probably know, the Swiss real estate market is truly competitive: so, finding the right accommodation in Lausanne can become a real challenge, above all if you don’t speak French. 

That’s why, today, we’re going to see the main hardships you may face out during a traditional flat search, and which smarter solutions you can opt for! 


Renting a Flat in Lausanne: Main Challenges 

High costs 

First and foremost, according to Comparis, the average apartment prices in Lausanne are: 

  • CHF 2850 for a 4/5-room apartment of 100/110 m²; 

  • CHF 2194 for a 3/5-room flat from 75 to 85 m²; 

  • CHF 1500 for a 2-room apartment of 45/55 m². 

Lausanne’s real estate market is the third most expensive one in Switzerland, especially due to the low availability of flats: that’s why you need the help of a cutting-edge provider to find an affordable – but still valuable – living solution! 


Competitiveness and language barrier 

What’s more, your search can become even harder if you don't speak French

In fact, aside from checking the various housing platforms and contacting the tenants, you’ll also have to write an application form and cover letter to stand out among your competitors. 

And, as you can imagine, the application documents should be written in French! 


Non-flexible visits 

Finally, you can hardly get an apartment if you can't be present at the visits’ days that’s been fixed by the agency or tenants. 

So, dealing with multiple visits on the same day – above all if you’re an expat – can become really complicated! 


Smart Solutions to Rent an Apartment in Lausanne 

1. Try a short-term and affordable option 

As an expat, you surely need a flexible, short-term, and affordable solution. That’s exactly what a future-proof provider – like City Pop – can offer you, namely: 

  • Furnished and short-term apartments of 21-60 m²; 

  • Rental agreements from 4 to 52 weeks, with a flexible contract; 

  • The most cost-effective prices; 


2. Put technology first 

In the same way, choosing a living solution that offers a digital customer experience, customizable according to your needs – as through the City Pop app – is the best way to gain more flexibility, and: 

  • Easily book – and pay for – your flat and services; 

  • Keep track of your expenses; 

  • Get rid of bureaucracy, thanks to time-saving contracts. 


3. Choose the best days for your visits 

As opposed to the traditional and time-consuming renting process, relying on a short-term, digital provider means benefiting from: 

  • The possibility to visit the apartment autonomously, by choosing the 20-minute time slot that suits you the most; 

  • A smart booking process, an intuitive check-in, and a contactless access. 


4. Go for a fast customer service 

Last but not least, relying on a trustworthy and fast customer service can really make the difference: so, just opt for a provider that allows you to submit any support requests in-app, keeping you updated with pop-up notifications! 

Would you like to discover more about living and working in Lausanne? Keep following our blog to stay updated and find out the best tips you need to know before and after moving to this stunning city! 

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