Out of the City: one-day trips when you live in Zurich

Out of the City: one-day trips when you live in Zurich

One of the main benefits of living in Zurich is the opportunity to experiment several one-day trips, visiting stunning places that are no more than two hours away, also thanks to the Zurich Card and Swiss Coupon Pass’ travel discounts

Let’s discover them together! 


One-day trips you can’t miss when you live in Zurich 


1. Getting to the Alps 

First of all, you can’t miss an excursion into the Swiss mountains! 

Various guided tours depart every day from Zurich, through a tour bus that heads towards the mountains and then a cable way up to the Alps, above all to: 


2. Visiting the Rhine Falls and the Laufen Castle 

Besides, you should give a try to the largest European waterfall, the Rhine Falls, and the medieval Laufen Castle, where you can: 


3. Popping over to Stein am Rhein 

Passing near the waterfall, you can get to Stein am Rhein, where you’d feel as you've been dropped into the Middle Age, thanks to its buildings’ frescoes and flowers hanging from any window! 

Here, you might visit: 

  • The museum inside Hohenklingen Castle

  • The Medieval Monastery of St. Georgen; 

  • The Rathausplatz’s numerous cafés. 


4. Reaching St. Gallen 

Another great trip would be the one to St. Gallen, a beautiful city where you may see: 

  • The charming recreational area of Drei Weieren

  • The UNESCO-listed Abbey district with its cathedral and the Abbey library; 

  • The Mühleggbahn, which takes people up and down the Mühlenenschlucht: a 90-second ride that’s a unique adventure! 


5. Visiting Bern 

Switzerland’s capital, Bern, offers an Old Town that has been named as UNESCO World Heritage Site for its streets, houses, and shops of the 17th-18th century, where you can’t miss: 

  • The famous Clock Tower and its moving figures; 

  • The Old City itself, with its stunning stone-paved streets, fountains, and towers. 


6. Discovering Winterthur 

Then, you should give a try to the city of Winterthur and its Technorama, which educates people on everything related to science and technology, as well as the city’s several opportunities to relax in the park, go shopping or visit great museums like the Oskar Reinhart Collection! 


7. Relaxing at Lake Constance 

Another great choice is Constance, a delightful German city famous for its big Sea Life Aquarium and wonderful lake, which offers: 

  • Public bathing beaches; 

  • Walking and biking trails; 

  • Towns and villages with delicious ice creams. 


8. Exploring Lucerne 

The city of Lucerne is known for its medieval architecture and Lake Lucerne, which is the perfect place to take a cruise on an excursion boat or jump aboard a paddle steamer

Yet, the most iconic landmark in Lucerne is Kapellbrücke, the long bridge that is lined on both sides with art! 


9. Enjoying Basel 

Last but not least, you should visit the multicultural city of Basel to explore: 

  • The Marktplatz and the red sandstone Town Hall; 

  • The Basel Minster, the city’s impressive Gothic cathedral; 

  • The Rhine River, where you can catch a “Fähri” in the city center. 

Would you like to discover more about living and working in Zurich? Keep following our blog to stay updated and find out the best tips you need to know before and after moving to this stunning city! 

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