How to fully enjoy Summer in Lugano

How to fully enjoy Summer in Lugano

Lugano, with its wonderful Mediterranean weather and neoclassical architecture, is one of the best places to enjoy a lovely summer.
So, let’s discover all the activities you should try this summer!

Lugano in summer: the best things to do

1. Enjoying the Lake

Lake Lugano is surely one of the most stunning attractions of the city and offers you the opportunity to try:

  • Lugano Lido: a real lido with fine sand on the shores of the lake, whose structure includes 4 swimming pools, a soccer field, a beach volleyball court, water games, bars, restaurants and lawns, hosting several music events;
  • Boat trips: a network of boats that provides a wide choice of cruises and the possibility to reach Ticino’s main attractions by lake, through enchanting tours like the ‘Lake and Mountain Tour’ or the ‘Evening Cruise’;
  • Water sports: the lake is home to several sporting events and is the ideal location for windsurfing, sailing, swimming, stand-up paddling or scuba diving;
  • Lugano Stand-up Paddle: where you can find a huge variety of equipment and boards for a paddle session – also thanks to the City Pop’s discount!


2. Relaxing in the parks

Then, summer is the perfect season to explore Lugano’s parks and gardens, discovering exotic plants as you taste a delicious ice cream, such as at:

  • Ciani Park: a green island overlooking the lake, whose buildings – including the Villa Ciani, the Cantonal Museum of Natural History, the Convention Centre, and the Cantonal Library – house numerous cultural events;
  • Belvedere Garden: a wonderful oasis of peace and beauty in the city's heart, with its 11.000 m²;
  • Tassino Park: near the railway station and a three minute walk from the City Pop building, where you can enjoy a marvelous panoramic view of Monte Brè;
  • San Michele Park: whose enchanted terrace offers the most fascinating view of Lugano, including the gulf, the Lido, the Mount San Salvatore, and the Alps peaks.

3. Hiking around the city

In addition, hiking is another typical summer activity you can’t miss, and we suggest you pop over to:

  • The Gandria Trail: a trail to Gandria – one of Ticino’s most charming villages – that runs along the lake and offers an incredible panorama on the surrounding mountains;
  • The Lugano Trekking: a valuable daily itinerary to enjoy the city and the lake’s views, dominated by Monte San Salvatore;
  • The San Grato Park: located in Carona, which offers a great variety of nature and colors, as well as a restaurant with a panoramic view and several thematic trails;
  • Bike and mountain-bike hiking: over 370 km of trails and itineraries for bikers, with terrific panoramic routes over the mountains through vineyards and valleys.


4. Having an outdoor apéritif

Whether it is a brewery, an elegant bar, or a cocktail on the lake, the apéritif is part of Ticino’s culture and is the best way to start your evening out, such as at:

  • Lido Riva Caccia: near the lakefront and in the city center, where you can enjoy a stunning view, delicious aperitifs, healthy dinners, and live music;
  • Lanchetta: in the Castagnola area, which offers a breathtaking view of the lake and is the perfect place to sip a cocktail at sunset as you taste appetizers or pizzas;
  • Seven Lugano: a great venue to meet for a cocktail, thanks to its lounge patio sofas, trendy atmosphere, and creative menu;
  • Lido San Domenico: located at number 12 of the Gandria Trail and reachable by boat, which offers a fascinating view of the lake and Caprino;
  • Il Fermento: a famous brewery and meeting point to taste stunning craft-beers and local food in a friendly atmosphere.

Want to discover more about living and working in Lugano? Keep following our blog to find the best tips you need to know before and after moving to this stunning city!

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