Explore the beauty of Ticino by bike: The best bike tours in and around Lugano

Explore the beauty of Ticino by bike: The best bike tours in and around Lugano

Ticino, the southernmost region of Switzerland, is famous for its breathtaking scenery and picturesque towns. One of the best ways to explore this beauty is by bicycle. Lugano, the largest city in Ticino, offers a variety of cycling tours and routes that will take you through enchanting landscapes and charming towns. Let's go! - with our tips for a successful excursion by bike.

1. bike tour around Lago di Lugano

Let's start with the queen of cycling tours in this region: the bike tour around Lake Lugano. This route takes you along the picturesque lakeside promenade and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. You can start in Lugano and make your way north via Paradiso, Melide and Morcote before returning to the starting point. The route is well signposted and ideal for cyclists of all classes. The lake also invites you to take a refreshing dip in summer.

2. Monte San Salvatore

The mountain rises majestically above Lugano and offers not only great hiking opportunities but also an exciting mountain bike trail. The trail takes you to the top of the mountain, where you will be rewarded with spectacular views of Lugano and the lake. The bike ride is strenuous but an absolute highlight for experienced mountain bikers.

3. Riva San Vitale

One of the most charming tours in the region takes you to Riva San Vitale, a picturesque fishing village on the shores of Lake Lugano. On the way there, you will pass enchanted little churches and enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Ticino. Tip: In Riva San Vitale you can visit ‘Swissminiatur’, a miniature park showing the most famous Swiss landmarks on a scale of 1:25.

4. bike tour to Bellinzona

If you want to explore the surrounding area, we recommend a trip to this place steeped in history. Well-preserved medieval castles are waiting for your visit. The tour takes you through picturesque villages and offers great insights into Swiss culture and history. The place is worth a trip also for non-cyclists.

5. e-bike tour through the Swiss Palm Riviera

For a more relaxed cycling tour, rent a pedelec and explore the "Swiss Palm Riviera". This ride takes you along Lugano's lakeside promenade, where palm-lined paths lead to charming cafés and restaurants. The rolling hills of Ticino are perfect for a relaxing bike ride on an electronically assisted bike.

Plan your bike tour

Lugano and Ticino are a paradise for cyclists. With a variety of sometimes strenuous bike tours that take you through picturesque towns, along the lake and into the region's breathtaking nature, there is something for every cyclist to discover. Equip yourself with a map and plan your route through this beautiful part of Switzerland.

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