Best hikes near Lugano

Best hikes near Lugano

Lugano’s region offers around 940 kilometers of hiking trails, which run across enchanting landscapes and nature beauties.
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The most stunning hiking experiences near Lugano

1. ‘Sentiero Lago Di Origlio’

First of all, we suggest you try the ‘Sentiero Lago Di Origlio.
This itinerary will lead you to the environmental pearl of Lake Origlio, the homonymous village, the Church of San Giorgio, and the Redde Tower – to marvel at the ruins of the village and the San Clemente’s oratory.

2. The Olive Path

After that, you can discover the Olive Path, built in 2002 to relaunch the region’s olive cultivation and oil production.
Through this path you will explore several little olive trees plantations between Gandria and Castagnola, admiring impressive panoramas and learning the area’s history at each informative panel.

3. ‘Sentiero Monte Brè’

In addition, we suggest you experience the ‘Sentiero Monte Brè, a short hiking path that starts at Gandria’s boat station and ends at the top of Monte Brè.
A stunning itinerary to discover the colorful villages of Gandria and Brè, enjoying the view of the Gulf of Lugano, and – once arrived in Brè – the marvelous narrow streets and art installations.

4. San Salvatore

Monte San Salvatore offers 360° panoramic views over the lake and the Alps, as well as a huge range of trails for hikers, such as:

  • The funicular railway that starts at Lugano-Paradiso and features a stunning view of southern Ticino, Lugano, the lake, and the Alps;
  • The challenging Via Ferrata, an artificial and fixed-aid climb route for non-rock climbers.

5. Monte Lema

Mount Lema is Ticino’s most majestic peak and overlooks the Lake of Lugano, the Valleys of Luino, and Lake Maggiore, offering:

  • Over 80 km of marked trails and routes, such as 12 hiking itineraries of different lengths and difficulties, a 360°panoramic route, and the walks routes to discover the mountain by foot;
  • Paragliding and aeromodelling activities;
  • A cozy restaurant-hostel and an astronomical observatory.

6. Monte Tamaro

On the other side, Monte Tamaro offers 90 km of panoramic trails and routes of varying lengths. Among them, you can try:

  • The Adventure Park: which includes an amazing acrobatic experience, a meeting point with a snack bar, and the Bike Park;
  • The Zip Line: namely, the exciting 400-metre ‘Alpe Foppa – Monte Tamaro’ downhill flight;
  • The Coaster Bob: an amazing downhill ride on a double bob sled at Alpe Foppa.

7. Monte Tamaro – Monte Lema Mountain Trail

The Monte Tamaro – Monte Lema trail is surely one of the best Swiss hikes!
Departing from Alpe Foppa, it takes one hour and makes you marvel at stunning views over the valleys, Lake Maggiore, Centovalli, Verzasca, Locarno, Bellinzona, the Alps, and Lugano’s valleys.

8. Heaven and Lake Trail

Finally, you can also opt for the Heaven and Lake itinerary, which starts at San Grato – including a stop at the beautiful San Grato Park, – and makes you enjoy an unbelievable view over the lake and Collina d’Oro.

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